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Supporting a client who identifies at LGBTQ explore their identity and become accepting of themselves. I really enjoyed helping this client set boundaries with others to build safety to become themselves and help them identify ways they can learn to embrace who they are. 


Supporting a client in navigating complex trauma, processing this trauma, and learning to build a healthy relationship with themselves and others around them. This client was also in early recovery from addiction and I was able to support them in maintaining sobriety and building a life in recovery. 


Supporting a client who struggles with family relationships. Client's family member is struggling with addiction and this has led to tumultuous relationships in the family. I've supported this client in processing grief, loss, anger, work on communication skills and boundaries within the family to maintain relationships. We also work on self care and challenging negative thought patterns that increase anxiety and depression. 


Shannon has a passion for counseling individuals who are struggling with mental health, relationships and self-esteem. 
Shannon also supports clients in creating space for self care and challenging negative thought patterns that increase anxiety and depression.
Shannon is an amazing resource for anyone wanting to work towards stepping out of past trauma and needing emotional support through the phases of life that have caused a lot of hurt. 
MA in Clinical Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Addiction Counselor
Now offering EMDR!
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